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সোমবার, ২২ জুলাই ২০২৪, ১১:২২ অপরাহ্ন

About Md Bayzid hossain

Reporter Name
  • প্রকাশিতঃ শনিবার, ৯ অক্টোবর, ২০২১
  • ৩১৭ জন নিউজটি পড়েছেন।

Md Bayzid Hossain Saad was born on 17 November 2003 in Tungipara upazila of Gopalganj district to an aristocratic Muslim family.


His father is government employee and his mother is housewife. The youngest of the three brothers, Bayzid’s nickname is “Saad”. He is also involved in writing in various places called “Ghasful”.


In his village Tungipara in 2013 from Kerail Kopa Government Primary School PSC; J.S.C from Khan Saheb Sheikh Mosharraf Hossain School and College in 2016; From the same institution in 2019 in the science department with distinction SSC. After passing the examination, he is currently studying in the second year of humanities at Haji Lal Mia City University College, Gopalganj.


In addition to his studies, Md Bayzid Hossain Saad entered journalism in June 2019 at the age of 15. He has already completed two years in journalism with integrity, courage and dignity. He is currently working as the Tungipara Upazila Correspondent of Daily Amar Sangbad, the 10 th largest national newspaper in Bangladesh and as the News Editor of the online magazine Nabadhara.


He is the Information and Technology Secretary of Gopalganj Journalists Federation and an executive member of Tungipara Press Club.


He is also a member of various social organizations such as We Are All Next (ASAP), Alo SD Foundation, Balukona Social Welfare Organization and Darpan Blood Camp.

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